Sunday, August 26, 2007

# 23 : Week 9 : August 26, 2007

Thoughts about Maryland Libraries Learning 2.0 Program
This program was a great idea for educating staff about the emerging technologies available on the internet and how it could be helpful in everyday life and at work.
In any business, it is important to connect the dots by pinpointing and taking action on emerging patterns of external change. This program has certainly exposed us to some of the latest technologies and tools availble on the internet.
What better way to learn about the new trends in various fields than exploring the vast global resources on the internet.
This is the logic behind my Blog title "EXPLORATIONS".
My thanks to the course directors who have designed the content and style of this imaginative and interesting course to keep us abreast of the emerging technologies.
This is the end of my Blog - but only a beginning of my Explorations.

# 22 : Week 9 : August 26, 2007


Saw the site "NetLibrary" with a collection of more than 140,000 eBooks. Saw "New eAudiobook Collections", eBook Subject sets and "Forthcoming eContent".
Saw the presentation on Digital Media Guided Tour, the site of "Project Gutenberg", Presentation on "Introduction to NetLibraryt" and site of World eBook Fair.

# 21 : Week 9 : August 26, 2007

Search Tools for locating Podcasts
Saw the YouTube Video on "Ask a Ninja - What is podcasting" and the tutirial on "How to podcast".
Podcast is a digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar program, made available on the internet for downloading to a personal audio player, e.g. "NPR's All Things Cosidered."
Tried various search tools for locating podcasts including "podcast.net", podcastalley.com" and "Yahoo podcasts".
Saw one podcast "Unabellavista: How to Tour Italy".
Saw the tutorial on "How to podcast".

Thursday, August 23, 2007

# 20 : Week 9 : August 23, 2007

Podcast, Video & Downloadable Audio.
Listened to the podcast on online video hosting devices and YouTube.
Did not realise earlier that besides YouTube there are 61 other online video hosting sites.
Seeing and listening to a number of videos on line was absorbing and a lot of fun.
This has opened up another area of entertainment.
Facility for search made this site really useful for providing information in addition to fun. A search on 'cooking fish' opened up long list including a video "Cooking with Dave - Fish and Chips". It was fun, though I have'nt tried this yet.

# 19 : Week 8 : August 23, 2007

Sites from the Web 2.0 Awards List
Explored a number of sites from SEOmoz's Web 2.0 Awards List for various categories.
It was interesting to learn about such a vast area of applications of Web 2.0 like Business, Professional Networking, Events and Health etc. Some of these can be used to great advantage as and when the need arises. The extent of various possibilities was knowledge in itself.
In the category of "Content Aggregation and Management" the 1st place winner "WUFOO" can be useful for making Contact Forms, Mailing Lists, Workshop Registration, Event Calender, Address Book and Customer Management etc.

Monday, August 20, 2007

# 18 : Week 8 : August 20, 2007

Online Productivity tools.
Learnt about the availability of online productivity web-based applications for word processing and spreadsheet. It is interesting to learn about the facilities for creating and sharing documents over the internet.
Also learnt about Zoho Writer and Google docs.

# 17 : Week 7 : August 20, 2007

Sandbox Wiki
Read reviews and comments made on various popular sites of Maryland Libraries Sandbox Wiki.
Took a tour of the pb Wiki (Peanut Butter Wiki). This was a well presented informative presentation. Learnt about various features of pb Wiki including pb Wiki Video gallery.